How Rens NFTs, IHO and Marketplace work?


Rens NFTs are traded on Rens' own Marketplace.
NFTs are shares of a property in Rens' Metaverse.
Each property in the metaverse represents an equivalent property in the real world.

Therefore, everyone who owns an NFT gets a share of the rental income of Rens' real estate properties.
In this way, NFT holders can trade real properties and make a profit by trading shares.

Anyone can trade NFTs on the Marketplace.
Initial House Offering (IHO) is the market where the properties that Rens has integrated into Metaverse are put up for sale for the first time. NFTs are more affordable at IHO than Marketplace. IHO is the ICO of Rens properties. Only Rens can regulate the sale through the IHO.

Investors who want to put their NFT up for sale can put their NFT on the Marketplace and sell them. 
Investors can make a profit by purchasing NFTs at affordable prices from IHO and putting them up for sale on the Marketplace.