RENS Summer Campaign V1


Rens Summer campaign is starting!


Rens Token always looks at many positive or negative situations from the perspective of an investor and primarily protects people who trust its project.

We started a campaign in order to turn the decline before the expected rise in the crypto money market into an opportunity and to earn more for its investors. This campaign aims both to attract new investors to Rens Token and to gain investors in stagnant market conditions.

We are proud to announce our first campaign to expand our holders, transaction volume and community.

Summer Campaign V1 is the second, third, and subsequent event throughout the summer. The terms of participation are a small investment. Anyone holding 200,000+ Rens in their wallet within a 10-day period is eligible to earn USDT.



Prize draw for Rens Token holders

 Anyone holding 200,000+ Rens Tokens in their wallet between 16-26 June is eligible to participate in the draw. The 10 holders holding Rens Tokens in their wallet will be determined as a result of the draw and the first designated holder will be 50%, the second and third holders 40%, the fourth, fifth and sixth holders 30%; The seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth holders will receive 20% USDT for the Rens Token they hold in their wallet.
For example, the 50% distribution for the first winning holder holding 300,000 Rens Tokens can be found by the formula:

150.000*RENS price = x USDT

All winners will be announced on June 27 and prizes will be distributed on the same day.

Important Note: Rens Tokens purchased on a previous date are not valid. Please provide Rens Token with PancakeSwap transactions in a new wallet.
You must keep the Rens Tokens in your wallets during this time.

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