Rens Token NFT and Metaverse


Rens Metaverse is a structure where users can navigate through Rens Properties and learn about the property. At the same time, the Metaverse is upstream. The properties in the Metaverse will be converted to NFT with the protocol ERC-1155 and the owner of a property and the properties will be in these properties. In addition, the metaverse is used for different events such as games, events,


social work, and concerts,


RENS Metaverse


Property search process is made significantly easier using RENS Marketplace where an investor can find all property details and a 3D model of the house where one can have a virtual tour inside. These 3D assets will be the building blocks for RENS Metaverse which aims to make real estate values more accesible using innovative technologies.

Securities on Metaverse

RensMetaverse is a big world. RensMetaverse formation, which started with bungalow houses, will develop by expanding over time with villas, hotels, holiday villages, shopping centers and social living areas. Every property built on the metaverse will also be created on the real world. For this reason, all properties on the Metaverse will be staked with NFTs.

Having NFTs

Properties built in the Metaverse are divided into shares by NFTs. The reason for this is that a property similar to the one created on the Metaverse will also be built on the real world. By purchasing a property in the Metaverse by more than one person, an equivalent of that property can easily be created in the real world. The reason for the split is that the property created in the Metaverse is offered for sale at its real-world price. This price is made possible by splitting it into small pieces with many NFTs so that everyone can get a share of that property. NFTs will be available for sale on the RENS NFT Marketplace.


IHO (Initial House Offering) Details

After the properties on the Metaverse are converted to NFT, the sale will be IHO page, which is the NFT Platform. NFTs created by Rens and offered for sale by Rens will be available under the name Initial House Offering (IHO). Those who have NFT will also be able to sell on RENS Marketplace. NFT owners will be able to sell all the rights of the NFTs they bought from IHO at a reasonable price to another person at the price you want.

The prices of NFTs offered for sale at IHOs will be calculated by dividing the cost price of a property by the number of NFTs. Profitability of the investment can be viewed by calculating the profit and return rates separately.


Advantages of Owning an NFT

NFTs are a collection of Rens’s Metaverse. Each NFT has the characteristics of a real-world equivalent property. Rental returns are transferred to NFT holders autonomously on monthly basis. Likewise, NFT owners are offered options such as vacation and accommodation in that property in line with their usage rights. By putting their NFTs up for sale on MarketPlace, the owners of NFTs give up their commercial cycle and usage rights, and complete the transfer of these rights to the new owner of the NFT.